Testimonial | Bobby

Bobby Before and After

I had spent much of last year in agony riddled with pain and needed to use crutches to get around. By August I was over it I weighed in 123.9kgs and with a heavy heart said to myself "I don't want to live my life like this. You need to get your shit together". So I looked at what I was eating and the portion sizes.

I lost 8kgs in 6 months but knew I needed do something else so I looked into the PHATT programme and I liked what I had heard and read. I took the plunge and started on 19/03/18. I lost a further 24kgs, 3 dress sizes and lost the pain I was in.

I've gained confidence, a new wardrobe, started at the gym and am at the weight I was at 20 years ago and most importantly I've learnt how to eat properly and to understand how my body ticks.

This programme is life changing!! It's not all hearts and flowers. You need to mentally work away at the demons and tempations that confront you daily. Without the support and encouragement from my mentor there is no way I would have come this far!