Testimonial | Chris A.

This program has definitely worked for me too!

My challenge throughout my life 'after giving birth to my gorgeous children' has been my weight.  Up and down like a yoyo and unfortunately more up than down.  Had a large suitcase out in the garage full of 'fat' clothes and another large suitcase with 'smaller' clothes but am happy to say now that both suitcases are out of my life for good!  My problem was I loved a beer or 2 and loved nibbles to go with it??  Couldn't have a roast without a load of gravy and garlic bread!  Loved Fish and Chips with a bucket of tomato sauce etc and always thought in the back of my mind 'won't eat much during the week' - how wrong was that dumb idea??  I had blood pressure, my sugar levels were on the higher side, my cholesterol was on the rise, my right knee was so sore and my list of being unhealthy was getting bigger.

I was fortunate enough last September to be introduced to this fantastic program 'Healthy Living (PH@TT)' - by my amazing mentor Sally who I will never be able to thank enough for all her encouragement, advice, knowledge of the program and support every single day via messenger.

Mid September I ordered my supplements from Modere.  They arrived within a couple of days which was exciting.  I was a bit sceptical at first but after reading through all the information Sally had forwarded to me and being on the Healthy Living Facebook page I really felt like part of the Ph@tt family.  People starting the same time as me was encouraging too.

I started the Healthy Living program on 27th September 2017 weighing in at 104.9kgs - (embarrassing to say I had let myself go that much again).  My aim was to get down to 75kgs which I thought was pushing my luck, but off I went.

Day 7 and I was down to 101.6kgs, then by Day 14 I was down to 98.7kgs - under the 100kg mark YEAH.  Love the Modere supplements (especially the morning goop).  And the food, herbs etc were fantastic - loved using the recipes from the Phatt page on Facebook too - how good was this!

By the 19th November I was into my 80kgs.  I wanted to go buy clothes but still fitting into my 'smaller' clothes from my suitcase out in the garage so thought I'd hang off for a while.

Early Feb had my annual blood test and Doctor was amazed at my results, reducing some of my meds, my sugar and cholesterol were at perfect levels and I am feeling fantastic health wise, full of energy and feeling a lot happier.

I find preparing all my meals in advance is a key factor to my weight loss (as per advice from Sally / Healthy Living).  I spend Sunday afternoons preparing for the week so everything is ready and I don't go off track.

It has truly changed my life - one of Sally's motto's that stuck in my head was I'm not losing weight, I'm getting rid of it... I have no intention of finding it again!

Being on the Ph@tt program - losing weight is no longer a battle. I lost 36.2kgs and am now 68.7kgs and I feel better than ever. My doctor says I'm the best shape I've ever been. I wish I'd known about Healthy Living years ago but I'm glad I found it when I did.


Regards and Healthy Living

Chris A