Testimonial | Deb

before and afterbefore and after before and after

I have had a weight problem more on than off since I was thirteen when I developed large breasts, the attention I got from men at that age terrified me and I put in weight to stop the attention I was getting.  I put on weight and lost weight over the years but never would have been considered thin. After 2 difficult pregnancies, diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 34 and 3 major surgeries (including a total hysterectomy at 36) I was very over weight at 98kgs.

I stopped socialising, stopped doing activities as I was sure that my sons would be embarrassed by me.

With my family I was always depressed and quick to anger.

I have tried so many diets and none of them stuck, none suited me.

Then I was told about “Phatt”, I thought about it for awhile and was very sceptical but I was 48 and ready to get myself, my body and my life back. After just over 4 months I have lost 24.7kgs, I have gone from a size 18 clothes to a 12.

I feel fantastic, not only do I feel healthy, I have more stamina and bucket loads of confidence. Everybody comments on how great I look and how great my skin looks. My hair is in better condition, my nails are stronger and both my hair and nails seem to grow faster.

This program was life changing for me, I am no longer ashamed by how I look, I get to do the outdoor activities I used to do. I am healthy and happy which in turn has made my family happy and very proud of me.

I can’t recommend this program enough, it is SO worth it. You have to want to be healthy and lose weigh enough to do this, it takes commitment and preparation, once you have been on it for a couple of weeks it is so easy, it just becomes the norm.

I am a proud “Phatty” now and I am very grateful to this program and my wonderful and supportive mentor who I couldn’t have done this without her.  This program WORKS!